The "home invasion" that wasn't - 10/31/13

How far would you go to create an excuse for being late to work?

Here are some of the best excuses I've read:

1.  My false teeth flew out of the window while I was driving
2.  I quit smoking and now I'm grumpy
3.  I bit my tongue and I can't talk

This week, police in Gallatin say a man called 9-1-1 to report someone breaking into his home and then created a story that went even beyond that.  Detectives say Fernando Rayas lied about an intruder, lied about a suspect description, but told the truth when he said he fired his own weapon.  All because he was going to be late for work.  For all of that, Rayas now faces charges of filing a false report and reckless endangerment for firing a gun with a toddler in the house.

Lying to police is no joke.  Rayas told police he might've been dreaming.  I'd say so.

Maybe you can find a better excuse for calling out here.


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