Central HS Bomb Threat

Central HS Bomb Threat

Group, What Group? - 08/14/14

  At least two or three times a week I sign on Facebook to learn I've been added to a group I don't know anything about.  It doesn't make me mad or anything it's just aggravating.
  Like you, I get more than enough notifications about this, that and the other already.  The last thing I need is information about posts for a group that makes me work to find out why I'm in the loop.  I get email like that too on FB.  I'm tagged in a group message and sometimes I don't think they'll ever stop coming no matter how often I "leave the group."
  No wise cracks, just venting. 


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- You mow it -- you own it. That's the plan officials in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee, want to implement. People who mow and maintain neglected properties next to their own could take possession of it. Councilman Berlin Boyd says it would encourage people to take pride and ownership in their community. He tells the Commercial Appeal the mow-to-own plan could help put blighted property back on the tax rolls.


MACOMB, Ill. (AP) -- A Western Illinois University linebacker is about to get into the game -- but not on the football field. Sophomore Jordan Veloz will be a bone marrow donor for a baby suffering from a rare immune disorder. Veloz signed up during a registry drive on campus last year. It was part of the "Get in the Game" campaign, started by Villanova Coach Andrew Talley. Veloz learned last month he was a match. He says, "if you get a chance to help someone else, why wouldn't you?"


TEXARKANA, Arkansas (AP) -- Porkchop and Peanut are best buddies. They're also the mascots of the Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Arkansas. Porkchop is a 7-month-old pot-bellied pig. Peanut is a tiny terrier mix. Center director Charles Lokey says, "They sleep together, play together and get in trouble together." Lokey tells the Texarkana Gazette he's never seen anything like it. He adds the dog thinks he's a pig, and the pig thinks he's a dog.

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