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Oregon 14-year-old Tortured in Shed by other Teens

Portland, Ore. (KATU)--An 14-year-old boy was allegedly subjected to serious torture by neighborhood teenagers, who claim they did it because the boy had called one of them "gay."ALSO READ: Craigslist Killer Says She Stopped Counting After 22 Murders
Four teens, led by another 14-year-old boy, a 15-year-old girl and two other boys aged 15 and 17, lured their target into a shed with the promise of sex and drugs. Once inside, he was allegedly hit in the head with a crowbar, shot in the groin and chest with a BB gun and had a swastika carved into his forehead with a box cutter. The report also states he was forced to eat cat feces. 
The victim was able to escape after promising money and a skateboard to the teens. 


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