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Light Snow and Rain Expected

A quick-moving system will move through tonight and early Thanksgiving morning producing rain and snow showers. Tonight light rain will push through Middle TN. Snow showers will be likely along and north of I-40, with some accumulation in S. KY and the Cumberland Plateau. 1-2 is possible along the Plateau by early Thurs. morning. Up to .5 inch is possible in S. KY and nearby TN counties. Those along the I-40 corridor will see flurries with little to no accumulation. Roads will become slick along the Plateau overnight and early Thurs. morning.


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Oregon 14-year-old Tortured in Shed by other Teens

Portland, Ore. (KATU)--An 14-year-old boy was allegedly subjected to serious torture by neighborhood teenagers, who claim they did it because the boy had called one of them "gay."ALSO READ: Craigslist Killer Says She Stopped Counting After 22 Murders
Four teens, led by another 14-year-old boy, a 15-year-old girl and two other boys aged 15 and 17, lured their target into a shed with the promise of sex and drugs. Once inside, he was allegedly hit in the head with a crowbar, shot in the groin and chest with a BB gun and had a swastika carved into his forehead with a box cutter. The report also states he was forced to eat cat feces. 
The victim was able to escape after promising money and a skateboard to the teens. 


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