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Increase in Bed Bugs, Brown Recluse Reports in Nashville

Updated: Tuesday, July 29 2014, 10:05 AM CDT

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.-- With the summer months has come an increase in reports of Brown Recluse and Bed Bug bites. FOX 17 This Morning's Samantha Singer joined the guys at Terminix, who pointed out some odd places these creepy critters are being found. 

Inspectors say they are finding bed bugs on movie theater seats, taxi cabs, public buses and hotel beds & drawers. They can be seen by the naked eye and bites look like red bumps. Bites are usually more of a nuisance than health issue, but some reports of severe allergic reactions have been reported. In most cases, creams with corticosteroids and oral antihistamines help minor allergic reactions. Severe cases should see a doctor immediately. 

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As for the Brown Recluse spider, bites can literally rot flesh if not treated. According to the Mayo Clinic, the bites start out with redness and stinging and then can cause intense pain within eight hours. A fluid-filled blister then forms, leaving an ulcer on the skin. Though reactions can simply be mild in nature, the report says death can be a result, more often with children. 

Identify a Brown Recluse: They have a "Dark Violin" marking on their back. They have 6 eyes instead of 8. One set of legs longer than others, and the initial bite looks like a blister with a rash around it. 

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Increase in Bed Bugs, Brown Recluse Reports in Nashville

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