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Standardized Testing: Bullying Teachers? -- Mikayla Lewis

Updated: Thursday, June 19 2014, 05:53 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn.-- A former teacher says standardized testing is being used to bully teachers. Dixie McClellan taught U.S. History in Williamson  County for nearly two decades, before her career became history.

In 2010, McClellan says an exit exam created by other state educators did allow for teachers to review the test before allowing students to take it.

 Dixie McClellan says, " The school board said
if a teacher wrote down anything- that was contrary to school board
policy and they were likely to be fired. Well I wrote on my hand."

She says she wrote down questions on the test that concerned her. A question about King Alfred's government contributing to the United States history caught her attention. She says she was forced to retire as a result.

"The answers for the tests reflected points of view
rather than fact," said McClellan.

Now, teachers are not allowed to look at standardized tests at all says the state education department.  If they do today, they can even lose their license.

Julie West, Parents for Truth in Education president says, "Teachers are being bullied. They're
being told  you better not try to look at
it and by the way if you accidentally see it you better not report anything you
see that is incorrect because it can cost you you're career. 

West says the state using publishers like Pearson does not add with the numerous mistakes reported and fines the company has paid.

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