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Rutherford County Woman Helps Tax Payers Save Money with Digital Records--Mikayla Lewis

Updated: Friday, March 21 2014, 11:46 PM CDT
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RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn.--The Rutherford County Register of Deeds stopped producing record books, and started going digital. Now, the system is saving the county thousands of dollars.

Laura Bohling, the county circuit court clerk said, " We had hundreds of these types of books that hadn't been backed up since the 90's . So we looking at a way to protect those records . We started with a vendor and were paying 150 dollars per book to be digitized and microfilmed."

Many other county offices faced the same dilemma. Heather Dawbarn with the Register of Deeds created a new digitizing system, and put it right in her office to cut back on costs.

Heather Dawbarn said, "Cost savings, space savings are huge and the benefits are many."

One record book would normally cost more than $300.  Dawbarn's system can digitize three of those books for $12.50.

The new records management program is produced with the help of Eastman Park Micrographics. After seeing the significant savings, Dawburn eventually shared the system with others like Bohling. The Circuit Court saved about $47,000 so far.

Dawbarn said, "We're just nibbling on the ear of the elephant in the room right now really."

Dawbarn estimates the county will save millions of dollars in the longrun. The system also adds convenience with emailing documents, and safe records if a natural disaster strikes.

Right now, Dawburn is currently working on the Rutherford County Sheriff's office documents. So far, about $30,000 is saved. Dawbarn says she receives calls from other counties and state offices wanting to use her system.

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Rutherford County Woman Helps Tax Payers Save Money with Digital Records--Mikayla Lewis

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