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Supporters Say Gulch Pedestrian Bridge Worth The Cost -- Sky Arnold

Updated: Monday, October 14 2013, 07:47 PM CDT
The detail of hand stitched boots is what attracts customers to Lucchese in the Gulch but manager Joe Wiese is looking forward to some future help getting them to his store.

"We get a lot of traffic on the weekends from tourists so utilizing that bridge is gonna be helpful to us," said Wiese.

The bridge he's talking about is a planned 700 foot pedestrian bridge that will go from the Gulch across the downtown railroad tracks to Cummins Station on 8th Avenue.

The idea is that the bridge will give tourists at the new Convention Center access to shops and restaurants in the Gulch and residents in that area access downtown.

Mark Macy, the Director of Engineering for Metro Public Works, says development in both areas has made the bridge necessary.
"There's gonna be a strong need to connect these area. The Gulch has areas people will wanna travel to and vice versa," said Macy.

That connection will come with a cost that's currently estimated at $12 to $16 million.

Macy says his office is looking at engineering techniques to cut the cost but both he says it will be worth the investment.

The group that developed the Gulch Master Plan unanimously recommended the bridge according to Hunter Gee who was a member of the group.

"Cities that make these types of investments in their downtown are the cities that excel," said Gee.Supporters Say Gulch Pedestrian Bridge Worth The Cost -- Sky Arnold

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