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WASTE WATCH: Congress Spent $30B on Just 100 Projects This Year Alone

Updated: Tuesday, December 17 2013, 11:53 PM CST
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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Tonight's FOX17 WASTE WATCH focuses on $30 billion Congress spent on just 100 projects this year alone. FOX17 National Correspondent Kristine Frazao shows us the projects landing in one lawmaker's "waste book". Senator Tom Corburn (R-OK) introducing his list of 100 examples of government waste in 2013. The list of abuse ranges from simple to silly. Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the Northeast coast. The wastebook found that New York and New Jersey spent as much as $65 million in emergency aid money for victims on tourism commercials. NASA may not be headed to space these days, but it's headed to Capitol Hill to teach NASA civil servants how Congress works. The program costs taxpayers $3 million over 5 years. More waste that leaves a sour taste. In 2013, the government lost $171 million because sugar companies could not repay the government for money it borrowed.

Talk about an electric bill. According to the wastebook the government spent $1.5 billion on electricity for empty or nearly empty government buildings. Back to NASA and the National Science Foundation. They have created the "Green Ninja". He's a cartoon superhero who teaches kids to take action on climate change. A YouTube channel is part of the program, with an overall grant costing taxpayers $390,000. Pete Sepp is with the National Taxpayers Union.

With only 56 bills to become law in Congress, you might think Senate employees want to feel better. Well, the Senate Office of Education and Training offers self help improvement to the tune of $1.9 million. Classes include free sessions on everything from the benefits of a good night's sleep to pressure point therapy. Finally this: the government spent $325,000 to find out that wives should just calm down. Researchers observed 82 married couples and found women would enjoy their marriage more if they could just calm down faster during arguments.

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