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Waste Watch: Father Program Shutting Down Because of Lack of Interest -- Sky Arnold

Updated: Tuesday, June 24 2014, 11:55 PM CDT
Nashville, Tenn ---- A few years ago Reginald Green found himself in a crisis.

The father of 6 got behind on child support after the slumping economy cut into his barbershop business.      

That lead to more problems.

"I didn't know that the law was if you were more than 500 dollars behind they took your driver license," said Green.

Green found help in the New Life Project Fatherhood Program that not only helped get his license back it placed Green on a weekly schedule of classes to help him become a better father and work peacefully with his ex.

 "Now I'm able to teach my son and children how to communicate and not be angry while you're doing that," said Green.

Today the program even helps fathers find jobs but not enough people have been taking advantage of it.

This year the Metro Health Department was hoping to sign up 500 fathers but so far only 163 have signed on.

Metro Health Spokesperson Brian Todd says equally alarming is that less than half of those are taking part in the workshops.

"This really wasn't a good fit for the health department and the health department isn't a good fit for the program," said Todd.

Todd says the reason is that unlike other cities getting the grant, it's the Health Department and not a non-profit group that's overseeing the program.

 "They've already established relationships many times and so it's something that may end up that bolsters what they're already doing," said todd.

The Health Department asked the Federal Government to allow a local non-profit to take over but that request was denied.

Because of that the Health Department decided not to apply for a grant next year.

Green says it will be a big loss.
"It leaves a big void in the community," said Green.
Waste Watch: Father Program Shutting Down Because of Lack of Interest -- Sky Arnold

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