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Apologising at work can hold women back

  • Many women lack confidence in their abilities according to study
  • Saying sorry to much could ruin the chance of a promotion
  • Men tend to publicize their successes more than women

Ladies, if youre a couple of minutes late for work, do you simply say sorry or do you find yourself giving a long list of reasons because you feel so guilty?

If its the latter, then apparently youre a sorry skirt and its thwarting your chances of getting a promotion.

Working women apologize too frequently and lack confidence in their abilities, a report reveals today. It means they constantly say sorry in situations where a man would never think to.

Woman working in office.

The report says that many working women do not say when they have done something well in the way men do

The report, from the Chartered Management Institute, highlights a catalog of problems which it says are responsible for a desperate lack of senior women.

Women make up 60 per cent of junior managers, but numbers collapse at the higher rungs of the career ladder. Only 20 per cent of senior managers are women.

The report comes as the Chancellor prepares to hold a breakfast summit in Downing Street today to call on business leaders to commit to sweeping away the barriers that stop women reaching their full potential.

Woman working in cubicle.

The study says that women tend to over explain and apologise for things that men would never say sorry for

Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, said: Take this example a woman is late for a meeting.

Young woman in office

Rather than just sitting down and getting on with the meeting, they say: Im so sorry. I had to take the kids to school or the dog was sick. They over-explain.

A man would just say Sorry Im late, sit down and get on with it. It is a phenomenon known as being a sorry skirt.

According to the report, women dont think they need to publicize their achievements, while men will broadcast theirs.

It says: Women sit there thinking the work I am doing is so great someone will come along and theyll put a tiara on my head.

At the next desk, a young manhas no embarrassment about jumping on his desk and saying to the boss: Look at me. Arent I fabulous?

The report also reveals how women are less likely to put themselves forward for promotion. It says: A man will go for a new job even if he only ticks a few of the key requirements for a role.

But a woman is far more likely to need to meet the majority of requirements before applying.