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Unemployment Benefits Expiring for 18,500 -- Sky Arnold

Finding a job has become a job for Beth Sargent.

So far she hasn't found any luck though and that's where unemployment benefits have been essential.

"Pays for everything," said Sargent.

But like 18,500 Tennesseans, Sargent is about to lose her benefits.

Tennessee's unemployment program only covers the fist 26 weeks of benefits.

Anything after that has been covered by a Federal program that expires Saturday.

That means Sargent's last check will arrive next week.

"I'm scared," said Sargent.  "I'm not sure how I'm gonna gonna pay my bills."

Sargent's one hope is that a divided Congress decides to renew the program.

State Labor and Workforce Development spokesperson Jeff Hentschel says it's a possibility people like Sargent need to be planning for just in case.

"We don't know where this is gonna go.  Congress could re-authorize those benefits and if people continue to certify we'll be able to start their benefits seamlessly," said Hentschel.

The hurdle is money.

Keeping unemployment checks coming for people across the country will cost billions of dollars.

Ben Cunningham with the Nashville Tea Party says that money shouldn't be borrowed.

"The real context here is can we afford it and we can afford it if we cut somewhere else.  Someone has to be the adult in the room," said Cunningham.