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Animal Charity Accused of Taking Dog

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Animal Charity Accused of Taking Dog

Stacy Case

   Only On Fox, a charity that's supposed to protect animals is accused of doing just the opposite.   A Murfreesboro dog owner says the Humane Alliance of Rutherford County took her dog, and she believes the charity's director is planning to sell it for profit.
    The dog owner, Freda Haddix, is disabled which keeps her home a lot.   Her husband and Buddy, the black chihuahua,  are her life. 
   All she has are pictures of him now all because Haddix says she needed help house training the full blooded long haired chihuahua.  She explains why she called Humane Alliance, "That's why I got in touch with Animal Alliance (Humane Alliance) to see if they knew anybody they could put me in touch with someone.
  Instead, Haddix says the charity director herself, Penny Jekot of Humane Alliance of Rutherford County offered to help, but said she'd need to take the dog for a while.  The Haddix family says Jekot said she'd bring Buddy back after he was house broken.
  Then, before she walked out the door, the Haddix's say Jekot asked for one thing...  their signatures. 
   Robert Jekot says he thought the signatures were just to show she had permission to have the dog in the interim while she was working on house training.
   Then something strange happened according to Freda Haddix.  When she asked to see what Jekot had written on the paper.  this was Jekot's response, "She said there's no need I'm in a hurry.  She said sign your name and I've got to go." 
  That was the last time the Haddix family saw Buddy.  Freda Haddix says she kept calling checking on Buddy's progress, "The last time I called, she said 
with a nasty horrible attitude,  don't call back here no more.  You're not getting your dog back."
   I went to Humane Alliance  and to the charity director's home in an attempt to get her side of the story. She didn't answer the door, but did  answer the phone.
   What follows is a verbatim of a large part of our phone conversation:
Stacy Case says via phone: "She (Mrs. Haddix) said you wanted them to sign this paper and then when they asked if they could read the paper you said no you were in a hurry and you had to go?"
    Penny Jekot responds, "I gave her one sheet of paper that was a blank sheet of paper. I said I want you to give me the dog, sign the form that says you give me the dog. She and her husband both signed the paper, dated it. They both signed it and  that's the end of it. There's no form that says I give you my dog."
  Stacy Case says, "They both said they never intended to give you the dog. That's why they kept calling back to see how the dog was coming along....".
   Penny Jekot answers, "Let me get the papers and you tell me what it says. Okay?"
Stacy Case: "Why don't we just meet and you can just show it to me?"
Penny Jekot, "No, I'm not interested in meeting you."
    As a director of a charity that takes the public's money, I encouraged Ms. Jekot to better explain her intentions with Buddy.

  Again by phone Stacy Case says:  "So, I'd like love to do an interview with you and talk about Buddy, the full blooded, long haired chihuahua.  Are you planning to sell him? What are you going to do with the dog?
   Penny Jekot answers; "That's none of your business woman."

   Through tears, Freda Haddix says she just wants help getting her dog back.
   Jekot says she never promised to house train the dog.
   Murfreesboro Police did make a trip to the Haddix home and told her to file a civil complaint.
  We'll continue to look into this charity and the situation with Buddy in the coming days.

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