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Ad Compares Proposed Constitutional Abortion Amendment with Taliban Treatment of Women -- Sky Arnold

Nashville, Tenn  ---  A new political ad is attracting controversy for a vote that won't happen until November.

That ad depicts a turban wearing man with the label "Tennessee Legislature" stepping on a woman with the label "Tennessee Woman."

The ad is attacking Amendment 1 that would give state lawmakers more ability to restrict abortion, calling it Tennessee's Taliban Amendment.

The ad recently appeared in newspapers in Chattanooga and Knoxville and would have run in the Tennessean too but the paper cut it.

A new political group of self described pro-choice Democrats and Republicans called Tennesseans for Preservation of Personal Privacy are behind it.

Organization Attorney Barbara Moss says the group did run the ad by a Muslim supporter before it appeared in papers.

Moss says the goal wasn't to offend people but to open their eyes.

"I think the people I represent took the risk that they might offend some people just so they could say pay attention people and look at what' this Amendment is and what it might take away from Tennessee," said Moss.

The ad has upset Muslim groups like the American Muslim Advisory Council.

Board member Drost Kokoye says it reinforces negative stereotypes about how Muslims treat women.
"This is telling me any man in a turban is going to come after women's rights and it's not just Muslim men that wear turbans," said Kokoye.

Supporters of the Amendment feel it goes too far too.

Jennifer Hicks with Yes On 1  says it's wrong to compare Tennessee lawmakers to the Taliban.

"Taliban rule refers to rape and slavery murder and brutal degradation of women.  It does not refer to social policy debates in Tennessee," said Hicks.