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Craigslist Crime Caught On Camera -- Sky Arnold

Nashville, Tenn --- Alan Moreno says he's a good example of why you need to be careful when selling things over Craigslist.

Moreno says a man in a black Lexus took off with the cellphone he was trying to sell him Thursday without paying the $380.

Making the situation worse, the phone was his sisters'.

"She's trying to sell it to go on a trip to Arizona.  Now that's not possible," said Moreno.

Moreno says the man sounded trustworthy enough on the phone but when they met in person he felt something suspicious.

That's why he started recording the deal while the man looked at the phone in his car.

That vehicle is similar to another Craigslist Crook's alleged get-a-way vehicle from April.

Police arrested Marcques James for driving off with a woman's cellphone in a black Infinity.

James plead guilty to a similar crime in Franklin last year where he drove off with yet another phone without paying.

He's currently a wanted man after escaping the custody of the Davidson County Sheriff's Department last week.

At this point Metro police are not ready to say if the man who took Moreno's phone is James.

Both men are African American and share similar physical characteristics.

Moreno believes regardless of who his thief if the man is still posting Facebook ads under the same phone number.

He believes that man is looking to rip someone else off.

 "Someone has gotta know him and not like him and turn him in," said Moreno.